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World is of love (a mechanical model)


World Is Of Love (a mechanical model)

World Is Of Love

All action is based on what works i.e. on what is healthy.
The healthy is what our nature guides us towards,
what we naturally feel love for.
So the world, all it’s dynamics,
is based on the healthy, which we love.
On a flowery language: “The World Is Of Love!”

A thought by Hannele Tervola

Say that all man-made things which are
1) fully functioning,
2) optimized for many purposes at the same time and
3)used rationally wisely in the light of one's whole picture of the world,
are "healthy".
Notice that we like strenght, protection, speed etc., so we mildly love the healthy artificial things too, and the ideally good we would love.
This way the above thought applies also in the modern world full of man-made artificialities.

This is also a social skill: to see the place of each thing in the healthy natural original ages old way of living. That is a little bit the same as the social role of a stupid person: "Here am I doing this thing that I am motivated toward naturally, like you too can see in yourself the natural inclination for this type of things." and so the other one is slightly amused and does something along the same lines but one's own version, kind of catches the tune of doing. And so for some minutes things run smoothly and everybody is happy. This is connected to learning about healthy natural ways of living on all areas of life: enjoyable motion, watching beauty, enjoying friendly conversations, doing nice things according to one's likings, caring for the major matters of the world, reacting emotionally to different things in life and in the world, etc.
Reading poems can teach one to see the beauty and harmony in life, kind of like this thought here."

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