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Fitting thinking and feelings together

About good wise ways to think:
All our observations, which form our thinking ability, are not simple
mechanical. Many of our wisest thoughts are on a more emotional
philosophical insightful way of looking at things. How to keep these
both kids of truths in harmony:
Each feeling marks some things important in our own life, in the
society or in the world at large. The task of feelings is to motivate
our practical action into safeguarding these things. So each feeling
corresponds to a thought: "This thing is important in life!". This
way, as our thinking tells why objectively these things are important,
emotional truths find an expression in schooled kind of objective
All of the tough value-free dynamics are based on what functions, i.e.
on what is healthy. In man-made things this corresponds to well
functioning, well planned and rationally used in the light of one's
whole picture of the world. The healthy is what our nature guides us
towards: toward the healthy we feel natural healthy love. So the
world, all it’s tough dynamics is based on the healthy, which we love.
On a flowery language: “The World Is Of Love!”.
Typically complex problems involving whole societies, but also other
kinds of problems, get solved via: Healthy natural ways of living and
the state of the world healthy. Build in your mind a picture of the
ideally healthy world. Compare other options to it with the help of
the principle “Healthy works better than broken.”.
In our nature there are encoded our principles of functioning: The
most natural on all areas of life while having a good holistic picture
of the world, functions the best: gives most capacity, intelligence,
social wisdom, well working social bonds, well working society, a good
position in it fairly, best state of the world, most happy life, etc.
The most healthy and natural is the most well working and harmonical.
It is also the most beautiful and touching: as music, as art, as
social communication, as truths and ideals,…
A wider attention can handle more things and handle them without
errors, so religious sensitivity, friendly compassion, love of the
nature, leisurely voluntary labour for some good cause in a group of
pals and holidays can increase one’s intelligence to manyfold. If one
way of thinking that you can use, can predict all the outcomes of some
other way of thinking of yours, then the one which observes more is
the more intelligent one and worth picking.
Many try to solve problems by trying what they can build from the
available parts. Religion solves problems in a much better way by
solving them solution centeredly:
First an idea of the ideal, which is like building instructions for
the whole solution.
Then an atmosphere according to it and a landscape of the situation
according to that atmosphere, which gives a practical holistic view of
how to arrange things in order to reach the ideal.
Then practical action in your own life according to that landscape and
atmosphere, reaching for that ideal. And trying friendlily and
idealistically to get others along for a good cause.
Thinking of the whole makes you solve most problems of application
already before you meet them. If you think of only the problem at
hand, you leave your relationship to the wide world unsolved and so
you run into extra problems and lot of more work which you could have
avoided via using a holistic perspective in planning.
Typically in thinking you eed two pictures: 1) the world is
objectively like this, all it’s phenomena and structures like this,
and 2) my life is like this, these are my wishes, this is my wisdom of
life and this is howI am going to live.
The healthy is what working ability and intelligence is build on. It
is also what gives us happiness. It is the natural direction in our
lives and in the world. The thought “I love Life, happiness and things
positive for happy life – like most of the others, like You too! So I
take them as my values in the world at large…” gives so happiness,
friendly social life and the most well working prosperous working
With each phenomenom of the world it is good to think what it means to
life: “children, free time, catastrophes,…” and feel accordingly.
These objective feelings in one’s picture of the world motivate one to
the wisest practical action easily and in well understood sincerely
felt ways."

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